Price: $300.00

I'm selling a used Gaastra Addict 6.0 from 2011. In total, has seen water around 5-10 times. Reason for selling: I only use sails less than 6.0 nowadays. Vandal is a Gaastra spin-off, not widely spread in the US. Dan Kaseler designed this sail series, so you know what you get in terms of quality. Although it is a freeride sail, it has a pretty high-cut foot, which makes it very maneuverable, for example in lay-down jibes or duck jibes. So for a camber-free 6.0 you get an unusually high agility. Surprisingly, the resulting power penalty is only marginal. The sail requires a 430 skinny. Unless you have a Gaastra mast, I recommend any other mast with a hard-top bend curve, such as NoLimitz, MauiSails, or maybe Severne.

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