Price: $550.00

This 107l freestyle board accompanied through 3 seasons, and now I'm selling it because I downsized my low-wind freestyle board to 100l. The Twister accelerates quickly, without much need to pump the sail. For a freestyle board, the rails are surprisingly soft, so jibing is fun too, as long as you keep continuous pressure on the rail. It likes both radical duck jibes and extensive donkey jibes. It also has good pop when using it with a smaller fin. The domy deck helps for duck tacks, but may require some time to get used to. The board is in good shape but used. There are two documented pain spots. Neither is soft, though. Fixing it profesionally would probably cost $150-200. For now, adding some ding stick to the top lets you cruise through. The 24 stock fin is way to big, in my opinion, I only rode it with a 20 and 22. (I'm 200 lbs.)

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