Price: $899.00

NEW. On sale at this special price! In stock. Only one avaialble. MSRP is $1250. The best yoga/fitness board design in this sport! Why? It has it all. 100% deck pad coverage....and that's a COMFORT deck pad - very nice! 33" wide that carries that width virtually whole length of the board. Multiple tie-down points for fitness fixtures. It is LIGHT. 27 lbs. It is DURABLE (Bic'sAce-Tec construction is virtually as tough as plastic yet it'sa real deal baord.) But most of all -- and what almost ALL other fitness/yoga designs lack -- this board has G L I D E ! It has a keeled hull design that is fun to paddle, well, for fun as well as fitness.

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Contact Chuck Hardin -- Whitecap to inquire about purchasing.


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