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Listing Questions

Members can ask and answer questions on any listing.

  • Every listing has a question and answer tab
  • Questions and answers add valuable info to each listing
  • Any member can ask and answer questions
  • Members must log in to ask / answer a question
  • The question / answer will be emailed to each member

Submit the Questions & Answers form on the "Questions" tab of the listing page to ask and answer a question.

SurfersList - Listing Question and Answers screenshot

General Questions

Members can ask general questions to other members about anything not specifically related to a listing by submitting the form on the Member Contact page. This feature is especially helpful for customers who wish to inquire about purchasing a "Classified" listing off-line. The private email address of the listing owner is not publically shared.

Learn more about How it Works and read the FAQ.

SurfersList - Member Contact Form screenshot