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A list of frequently asked questions and answers about using SurfersList to share, discuss, and sell ocean sports equipment.

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Why should I join SurfersList?
Why should I use SurfersList?
  1. It's FREE to join and FREE to post listings
  2. You want to search and discuss ocean sports equipment listed by your peers
  3. You can discuss any listing
  4. You can read rating and reviews of any user profile
  5. You want to place orders directly from other ocean sports enthusiasts
  6. You want to see what's available both near and far

You support your local ocean sports businesses and will encourage them to join, too!

Why should I sell on SurfersList?
What does it cost?
  1. It's FREE to join
  2. It's FREE to activate a user profile
  3. It's FREE to post any type of listing (Shared, Classified, or Buy-Now)
  4. NO transaction fees for buyers and sellers on orders placed for "Buy-Now" listings that are processed via PayPal
  5. Donations help and are always welcome:

Have a Question?

If you have a question or comment about a specific listing, then post it directly to the listing discussion section of the listing.

If you have any other question or comment for a user, then submit it using the secure contact user profile form.