Users can participate in discussions on any ocean sports equipment listing.

All listings have a Discussion section where users can post comments, questions, and answers.

Comments, Questions and Answers

Discussions on listings can be used to gain clarity, provide insight, make requests, and more.  Every message adds value to the ocean sports equipment listing.

  • Every listing has a Discussion section in a tab on the right
  • Ask a question, post a reply, or leave a comment
  • Users must log in to leave a message
  • An email is sent to both the listing owner and the submitter
  • Discussion messages submitted are subject to review

If you have a question or comment NOT related to a listing, then please see Have Another Question? section on our FAQ.

SurfersList - Listing Discussion screenshot

SurfersList - User Profile Contact Form screenshot

General Questions

Users can ask general questions to other user profiles of the SurfersList community about anything not related to a specific listing by submitting the Contact Form; OR by clicking the icon on their profile page or any of their listings.

Messages submitted privately through the Contact Form will be emailed to both users and include the submitting user's email address in the "Reply-To" field. The email address of the user profile receiving the message is kept private and is never publically shared. Read the Privacy Policy for more details.

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