Start a discussion on any equipment listing or user profile.

All listings and profiles have a section for discussion.

Public Discussions

Discuss equipment specifications; offer rigging/tuning tips; describe first-hand feedback; provide additional details; ask questions; leave comments; share tips; and more...

  • All listings and profiles have a Discussion tab
  • Submit any message and it will be added to the public conversation
  • An email is sent to the listing/profile owner and the author
  • Log in to submit discussion messages faster
  • Manage and edit your discussion messages from your account after you create a profile
  • Discussion messages are subject to review and moderation

If you have a question or comment NOT related to a specific listing or profile, then please see Have Another Question? section on our FAQ.

SurfersList - Listing Discussion screenshot

SurfersList - Contact Form screenshot

Private Messaging

Users can private message the owners of other user profiles to ask general questions and discuss other private matters by submitting the Contact Form, which is accessible on all profile and listing pages by clicking the "Message" buttons provided.

Messages submitted privately will be emailed to both users. The email address entered in the form will be included in the "Reply-To" field. The email address of the user profile to whom the message was sent is kept private. It not included in the email and it is never displayed publically. Read the Privacy Policy for more details.

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