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Listing Types

There are three (3) listing types: "Not For Sale", "Classified", and "Buy Now".

  • Listings not offered for sale will be assigned "Not For Sale"
  • Listings offered for sale (optional) can be either "Classified" or "Buy Now"
  • "Classified" listings can't be purchased on the website
  • "Buy Now" listings can be purchased by other users
  • Sales of "Buy Now" listings are processed directly and immediately between users' PayPal accounts
  • To post "Buy Now" listings, users must save a PayPal email to their account Profile settings
  • All listings include a discussion section

New listings expire after 90 days and can be renewed manually. Listings renew automatically for Premium users.


Post a Listing in 4 STEPS

  1. Enter a Title, Description, and Keywords/Hashtags (optional)
  2. Select Category, Brand, Model, Size, Year, Condition, and Location
  3. Upload a Primary Image and up to six (6) More Images
  4. Select whether or not to Offer for Sale and enter Price (optional)

Step 1: Basic

SurfersList - Post Listing Step 1 - Basic Info

Step 2: More

SurfersList - Post Listing Step 2 - More Details

Step 3: Images

SurfersList - Post Listing Step 3 - Additional Images

Step 4: Sell

SurfersList - Post Listing Step 4 - Offer for Sale (optional)