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SurfersList is a platform for sharing, discussing, and selling ocean sports equipment.

SurfersList helps ocean sports enthusiasts (both individuals and businesses) connect around the world to share, discuss, and sell ocean sports equipment.


  • 3 listing types: "Shared", "Classified", and "Buy-Now"
  • Discussion section on every listing
  • Order listings marked for sale by other users
  • Contact any user profile privately
  • Profile reviews and rating system
  • Listing sales are processed directly between members
  • FREE to join, FREE to post, and more...

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History & Motivation 

SurfersList makes it easier to find, discuss, share, and sell your ocean sports equipment.

Ocean Sports Enthusiasts

There are limited available options for ocean sports enthusiasts to engage online for the purpose of sharing, discussing, and selling ocean sports equipment:

  • Facebook is a poor platform for searching and finding equipment to discuss and buy/sell.
  • Craigslist is limited to classified ads, only serves local markets, and has limited selection.
  • eBay does not have much quality ocean sports equipment; and charges both listing and transaction fees

SurfersList has the whole package for sharing, discussing, and selling ocean sports equipment:

Ocean Sports Businesses

Local surf shops are the best sources for finding knowledgeable staff to discuss and purchase ocean sports equipment. They often also supply quality used gear on consignment. But many specialty items are no longer stocked in-store. And not everyone lives close to one of these specialty sports shops. SurfersList provides a platform for ocean sports businesses to connect to ocean sports enthusiats, without any need to worry about any technical stuff!


SurfersList is founded and created by Derek, a passionate surfer, windsurfer, and stand-up paddle (SUP) surfer. Derek has worked in surf shops, taught surfing and windsurfing, and at one time managed the Neil Pryde Design Center in Maui, Hawaii.