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SurfersList is a marketplace where individuals and surf businesses around the world connect to buy and sell ocean sports equipment. Our website offers the best combination of features of a traditional classified ads website and modern peer-to-peer e-commerce marketplace.

The ultimate online marketplace for ocean sports equipment! 

"What is SurfersList?" video (1:07 min)


"To provide the ultimate online marketplace for buying and selling ocean sports equipment."

Our mission at SurfersList is to be the ultimate online solution to post new and used ocean sports equipment for sale. Our website is designed to help individuals and surf businesses connect around the world to buy and sell surf, windsurf, kitesurf, and SUP equipment.


  • Surf, SUP, Kitesurf, and Windsurf equipment only
  • Post a "Classified" or "Buy Now" listing ad
  • Both new and used listings for sale
  • Orders processed between members
  • Sales transferred directly and immediately
  • Q&A on every surf listing
  • Member reviews and rating system
  • FREE to join, FREE to post, and more...

Read How it Works and the FAQ to learn more.


  • Anyone can join with an email address
  • Anyone can contact a member privately
  • Only members can ask questions directly on a listing
  • Only members can purchase "Buy Now" listings
  • Only members with a profile can post and sell
  • Only members with a profile can rate members
  • Invididual surfers and surf businesses are welcome
  • Personal info, including email, is kept private

Read Membership Features to learn more.

History & Motivation 

SurfersList makes it easier to buy and sell ocean sports equipment.

Local surf shops are the best for finding ocean sports equipment. They have knowledgeable staff and often supply quality used gear on consignment. But many specialty items are no longer stocked and need to be ordered. And most surf shops don't keep their inventory online or up to date. Consumers want to look online before driving to the store (if one even exists nearby). SurfersList provides the utlimate marketplace platform for both to connect; consumers can immediately see what's available and surf shops don't need to worry about any technical maintenance!

Individuals who wish to sell their used ocean sports equipment online have few choices. Craigslist only serves local markets. Specialty surf equipment can be nearly impossible to find locally. It has become overrun with scammers and it's very difficult to tell a legimiate reply from a scammer. Listings often are posted with small images and incomplete descriptions. Sellers often must arrange multiple meetings before a deal is closed. Those meetings often turn into no-shows. There are no profiles to view and validate users. There is no option to purchase an in-demand listing immediately before other customers. Overall, it's a limited service that has become much sketchier and more of a hassel to use.

eBay has a larger and more consistent supply, but it's overrun with poor quality used gear. Few individual surfers and surf businesses use it at all. It's great that buyers can lock-down a sale by purchasing an item immediately online. And it's great that they aren't limited to paying cash. Credit card and PayPal purchases have fraud protection measures included. But you can't post classified ad listings on eBay. And the costs of selling on it have increased. And you don't get paid right away. Overall, it is difficult to search through a sea of junk and expensive to sell on eBay.

There are a handful of other websites for buying and selling ocean sports equipment for sale online. But they don't have the whole package: they often lack key features; have poorly designed user interface; load unbareably slow; are limited to used surf equipment; and/or contain outdated content. SurfersList is the ultimate online marketplace for surfers!


SurfersList is a startup in Charleston, South Carolina and launched it's public beta in late Summer 2015. SurfersList is founded and created by Derek McKee, a passionate surfer, windsurfer, and stand-up paddle (SUP) surfer. Derek has worked in surf shops, taught surfing and windsurfing, and at one time managed the Neil Pryde Design Center in Maui, Hawaii. He has a technical background with experience in data management and website development.